Can I leave MAX Strip on too long?

Yes MAX Strip products are designed to be applied and removed within a specific amount of time dependent on type of removal project. Leaving MAX Strip on surface being treated too long can cause damage to the substrate or negatively effect performance of product. Always be sure to carefully time your removal project based on instructions for that type of material being removed.

Can I use MAX Strip on any surface?

MAX Strip is safe to use on virtually any surface! • Metal • Tools • Tile • Stone • Glass • Brick • Drywall • Appliances • Wood • Antique Wood • Ceramic • Porcelain • Automobiles – caution may etch some plastics always test a small area first • Hardwood • Laminate • Floors • Fiberglass • Boats • Carpet • Clothing • Upholstery • Equipment • Furniture • Plastic – caution may etch some plastic always test a small area first

Can I use MAX Strip to clean my vinyl siding or vinyl fence?

We do not recommend using EZ Strip to clean vinyl siding or vinyl fences as the product can remove the underlying paint or coating. Please use with caution.

What is the best way to treat large surface areas with MAX Strip?

Always work in manageable sections this will ensure you are removing softened material within the appropriate set time.

Can I use MAX Strip on my vehicle to remove sap, bugs, tar, sticker adhesive, road and paint splatter?

Yes. MAX Strip will not damage baked on coatings like your factory finish vehicle paints! Caution may etch some plastics always test a small area first.

Can EZ Strip remove Graffiti without removing the underlying paint?

No. If you are removing Graffiti from a previously painted surface, the underlying paint may also be removed in the process.

I was painting and made a mess, what can I do?

MAX Strip will remove spills, splatters, and paint from surfaces, including carpet and upholstery. MAX Strip All Purpose Remover is a no-mess spray gel and will cling right to the surface and also works as a great paint brush cleaner when you are done with the job!

Will it remove dried finger nail polish?

Yes. MAX Strip works great to remove nail polish spills and messes and because our products are skin safe you can even use them to remove nail polish from your nails!

Do I need to dilute MAX Strip products?

No. MAX Strip formulas are ready to use and require no dilution.

Will MAX Strip irritate my sensitive skin?

MAX Strip products are skin safe, if you have skin sensitivities we recommend wearing gloves for prolonged use. If you don’t like to wear gloves always wash with warm soapy water when your project is complete.

Can I really use MAX Strip safely indoors?

Absolutely MAX Strip products have a low VOC formulation for safe indoor use. We recommend opening a window if you have sensitivities to fragrances.

Will MAX Strip kill my plants when I strip my deck?

No. MAX Strip products are plant safe! If your plants are exposed just rinse well with water!

Will MAX Strip safely remove my popcorn ceiling without damage to the drywall?

Yes. MAX Strip Texture Coating Remover is specifically designed to remove painted textures like popcorn ceiling stipple without damaged to the surface. We recommend using a mud spatula to scrape soften textures from drywall.

Can I use MAX Strip to safely refinish antiques?

Yes. MAX Strip Paint and Varnish Stripper is gentile on antique wood surfaces so you can safely restore your antiques with ease.

What type of ventilation is required to use this product indoors?

Just open a window! MAX Strip products do not require forced or hydraulic ventilation to use safely indoors.

What do I do if MAX Strip dries out before I remove the paint or texture I’m stripping?

Just re-apply MAX Strip to reactivate and keep on stripping!

How can I increase MAX Strip’s performance on stubborn coatings?

For stubborn coatings just apply a thick even coat of MAX Strip to surface and cover with plastic. The plastic prevents product from drying out to allow for a longer set time. Allow stubborn coating to set overnight for best results.