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Floor Adhesive

Remove floor adhesives from fiberglass, laminate, metal, all kinds of flooring, natural stone, tile, concrete, brick, wood, porcelain, factory finished paints or heat treated coatings, and plastic (may etch some plastics always test a small area first):

  1. Apply a thick even coating of MAX Strip Floor Adhesive Remover to surface
  2. Wait time dependent on layers of adhesive approx. 1 – 12 hours test a small area first for best set time
  3. For wait times over 1 hour cover area with plastic to keep product wet/working and increase penetration
  4. Carefully scrape softened adhesive away
  5. Scrub and wipe surface with warm water

*Tip: Remove any glued down material first to expose the adhesive you want removed before treating.

MAX Strip Floor Adhesive Remover